About Us

The House Tuscaloosa was started by two pastors who intentionally left traditional local church ministry to serve the forgotten and an educator with a lifelong dream of opening a used bookstore. In our local community, the forgotten take a variety of forms: individuals who live with a disadvantage because of gender, race or a past mistake, those who have lost loved ones to death, and people who are not comfortable in beautiful church buildings but are longing for a sense of belonging and purpose. We combined our ideas under the broader definition of literacy, competence or knowledge in a specific area, and founded a literacy center and used bookstore.


    The House Tuscaloosa exists to promote and develop literacy in The West End Community in three areas: Educational, Musical & Spiritual. We also operate a used bookstore to provide books at a reduced price for the community and funding for the organization.


    “Third Space” is a term used in sociology that identifies a place of community. If your first space is your home, and your second space is your work, then your third space is a place where you find community with others, a place that shapes and inspires you. We seek to become a Third Space for those who need one.


      Rev. Lori Maxey, Founder & Executive Director                                                

      Pastor Amber Howard, Founder, Board President & Spiritual Program Manager

      Theo Bruinton, Board Member

     Alexus Cumbie, Board Member 

      Quinvarlio S. Kelly, Jr., Board Member

      Dr. Andrew Maxey, Founder & Board Vice-President 

      Martha Pate, Board Treasurer

      Mary Wells-Porter, Board Member

      Mary Joyce Price, Board Secretary