About Us

Literacy is defined as competence or knowledge in a specific area.  The House Tuscaloosa exists to promote and develop literacy in The West End Community in the following three areas:


  • Individual and/or group tutoring for reading, writing and other academic subjects.
  • Individual and/or group instruction regarding practical or life skills.
  • Individual and/or group lessons in voice or a specific instrument.
  • Participation in vocal and/or instrumental ensembles.
  • Individual and/or group instruction regarding the Bible and/or other spiritual topics.
  • Individual and/or group care and support services.

Why “The House”?

“Third Space” is a term used in sociology that identifies a place of community. If your first space is your home, and your second space is your work, then your third spaces are those places where you find community with others, a place that shapes and inspires you. For some, church is a regular third space. There are others who will not enter a traditional church building or institution because of past hurts or pre-conceived ideas about what church is. For individuals like that, a literacy center or a used book store with free wi-fi and snacks might be a “third space” that provides community they need without looking anything like a traditional church.

Why an independent Non-Profit?

Tuscaloosa is a competitive city. This is seen clearly through college football, but this culture permeates businesses, schools and other social organizations. It is even manifest in churches. There have been multiple attempts through the years to get churches to work together with temporary or shallow results, when such efforts have succeeded at all.  By forming a non-profit that is independent from a particular church, there is greater potential to recruit people from multiple walks of life to serve the community together.



Executive Director: Rev. Lori Maxey

Board President & Program Manager: Pastor Amber Howard

Board Vice-President: Andrew Maxey

Board Secretary: Mary Joyce Price

Board Treasurer: Martha Pate

Board Member: Theo Bruinton